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Lynchmere invested in its first property in 2011. That property was a block of flats in Swindon. Yields ran at 5% return on investment by renting the properties out.
We saw the benefit of renting out the whole block and in 2016, we found a tenant, who has now converted the block for the education and independence training of autistic children.
The ROI has increased but we have also allowed disadvantaged children to benefit too. 

Church Conversion, St Paul's Court, Swindon

Take an old dilapidated unloved building. Add the ‘Lynchmere’ factor and turn it into fourteen fabulous one bedroom apartments.
Currently undergoing conversion and ready for the summer of 2017, you will love these homes.

Are we helping to solve the UK’s housing crisis? Not on our own, but we are helping to make this part of Swindon look better and making use of a lovely building too.

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Villa 26, St Moritz, Cornwall

We started with a 30 year old family holiday home. Add the Lynchmere factor and now, this stunning and lovely 4 bedroom villa is available for holiday rentals in Cornwall.

With sea views and many on-site amenities including indoor pool, gym and spa, why not make a booking and enjoy our hard work.

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St George's Place, Semington, Wiltshire

Been owned by us for a number of years and now being sold to make way for a new venture.

We never stand still at Lynchmere. A well-loved family home, close to good schools and the M4. Not your everyday modern house as it has a large expanse of open space around it.

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Home for Autistic Youths, Swindon

This block of flats was identified by Lynchmere as a potential property to allow autistic teenagers to learn independence.

Professionally run by a subsidiary of Priory Group, Lynchmere is proud to be helping a vulnerable section of our community to learn to be more independent.

Commercial Lettings, Sandown Airport

Lynchmere are proposing to build 10 new Industrial Units at Sandown Airport, Isle of Wight, to add tot he 4 we already own over there. The will be built as starter units and in a modular way that they can be expanded as businesses grow. More details can be supplied on request

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