Our Story

Lynchmere is a ‘can do’ type of Company. Our ethos comes from 30 years of experience in the manufacturing sector. Whilst the UK’s manufacturing declined, our founding Director, James Purves, from 2000 onwards grew his business,AML UK Ltd, to a business with 4 factories, and 70 employees worldwide. That business was sold and Lynchmere was born.

Rather than re-establish a new manufacturing and sales business, James is now helping others to grow and succeed. Some of that success is in the safer environment of property, but also we like to invest in start-ups, and help them to solve and see their opportunities (that what you might call a problem) before they arrive.

With current business succeeding with our help, let us know confidentially what you would like some help with. If we can’t help we may well know someone who can.