Here to help your business

Lynchmere are always looking for ideas and people to invest into.

We have invested into a number of businesses to date, and these are listed below. If you would like us to consider your idea please drop us an email.

We can only say ‘No’ if it is not for us, but unlike other companies, we will try and direct you to other people if we cannot help.

We don’t have strict plc type guidelines to work from, we just invest in people and ideas that we like and can see the potential for.



A fabulous opportunity in British Manufacturing presented itself to us in 2012. Jon and his team are leading specialists in the world of resistant materials, and we have helped to develop bullet and blast resistant materials that can match the best in the world.

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Ingenica Solutions Ltd

Supply Chain, Inventory Management & Procurement

Ingenica Solutions was launched to respond to the unique and individual needs of clients. In the Healthcare sector that is a core focus on the needs of Supply Chain, Procurement, Inventory management and data management.

Lynchmere via James Purves are involved as an investor and also on the Board of Ingenica with the aim of growing this exciting business in a challenging NHS environment.

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Opto International Inc Modular Displays

We’re the fixture people. Devoted to our clients. Committed to fixture solutions. Partners.
With OPTO, you get more than high-quality, innovative retail display solutions. The biggest OPTO value is the team behind the fixtures. Our success is the direct result of the collective effort of over 200 diverse, devoted and talented employees.

Lynchmere saw the opportunity and invested in this fantastically successful US Manufacturer of shopfitting equipment. A well run business that is growing and growing.

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