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We are happy to provide Non-Disclosure Agreements to ensure discretion. See below for some businesses we have worked with,who have given us their problems, not under an NDA, but who are happy to share.

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Priory Group Electricity Generating Vehicles, UK

We were approached by Priory, who run a large number of care homes.
They wanted us to help them source a vehicle as a stand-by for power cuts to provide power for their home? We agreed to source two such vehicles; one for the North of the UK, and one for the South.

Issues involved ensuring we kept below the 3500kgs GVW for a standard driving licence. A trailer based option also had driving licence issues. The result was a 100KVa generator and the project was very successful. The Property Director has said how pleased he has been, and ‘the vehicles are in use all of the time’

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Sourcing Material, ASL GRP Ltd

ASL GRP wanted to find a new source of one of their major materials used in manufacturing. Lynchmere sourced the material at a 15% lower price, and also bought a larger quantity for ASL GRP to call of as required.

This benefitted the supplier, who made larger quantities and benefitted from less interruptions in manufacturing and also ASL who could reduce their stock holding and reduce their costs. The pictures shows the material type sourced for ASL GRP Ltd.

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Recoblock, Worldwide

An idea dreamt up at home for Rupert Nurick,Recoblock has the potential to become a quick and simple solution for disaster relief housing.

A simple flat packed design,the Recoblock fits together quickly.Still being tested and finalised at Brunel University,Lynchmere are helping Rupert in the background to grow and scale the product into a success.

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